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Shot of style

With its classy lines, the Renault Megane has a daring, expressive design and assertive styling. Inspired and strengthened by a unique lighting signature, the Renault Megane invites you to get behind the wheel and rediscover real sensations.

Strong emotions

The striking Renault Megane is instantly recognisable. Its daytime running lights with LED technology give it a sharp look. The rear lights, also LED but with 3D effect, highlight its unique personality, day and night.

The power of choice

Inside, the key words are quality and harmony, with its generous cockpit and premium finishes. You choose and the Megane adapts: “Eco”, “Comfort”, “Neutral”, “Sport“, “Personal”, the MULTI-SENSE* system configures your vehicle to meet your current desires. It controls both technical configurations (engine response, gear changes, variation in steering wheel effort, engine sound, responsiveness) and on-board environment (tone of interior lighting, information displayed, colour of instruments).

Is your mood sporty? Calm? Relaxed? Move from one driving experience to another. MULTI-SENSE, it’s a bit like having several Meganes in one! * Only available on Dynamique model

Responsive, high tech, economical

The New Megane is available in 2 petrol engine derivatives. Renault has capitalised on Formula 1® technology forged in competition to further improve their engines. With lively responses, sharp acceleration, and flexibility, this range of engines combine driving pleasure with great fuel economy.

97kW 1.2 Turbo Performance and comfort

With 97kW at 5,500rpm and 205Nm from 2,000rpm, the 97kW Turbo engine offers you the same performance as a 2 litre atmospheric engine. Its direct injection and integrated turbocharger give it exceptional flexibility and responsiveness. Its capacity to operate at high speed without running out of energy gives you comfort and driving pleasure that are second-to none. It is very quiet, and can be distinguished by its soft-edged sound.

EDC Dual-Clutch gearbox

Full of technology, the EDC automatic gearbox with dual clutch transmission combines the comfort of an automatic gearbox with the responsiveness and fuel economy of a manual gearbox. With its 7 gears, it offers you flexibility, dynamism and reduced fuel consumption. What more could you ask for?


  • Glacier White

    Glacier White

  • Passion Red

    Passion Red

  • Silver Mercury

    Silver Mercury

  • Berlin Blue

    Berlin Blue

  • Dune Beige

    Dune Beige

  • Titanium Grey

    Titanium Grey

  • Diamond Black

    Diamond Black

  • Glacier White
  • Passion Red
  • Silver Mercury
  • Berlin Blue
  • Dune Beige
  • Titanium Grey
  • Diamond Black



  Expression 84kW Dynamique 97kW Dynamique 97kW EDC
Price R314 900 R358 900 R389 900


  Expression 84kW Dynamique 97kW Dynamique 97kW EDC
Fuel Unleaded Unleaded Unleaded
Emission control level Euro 6 Euro 6 Euro 6
Engine type Indirect injection Turbo/Sequential multipoint injection Turbo/Sequential multipoint injection
Capacity (cm3) 1 598 1 197 1 197
Number of cylinders/valves 4/16 4/16 4/16
Bore/Stroke 78 x 83.6 72.2 x 73.1 72.2 x 73.1
Max power (kW) 84 97 97
Max power rating (rpm) 5 500 5 500 5 500
Peak torque (Nm) 156 205 205
Peak torque rating (rpm) 4 000 2 000 2 000
Stop & Start and engine recovery from braking - Standard Standard


  Expression 84kW Dynamique 97kW Dynamique 97kW EDC
Type Manual Manual EDC Automatic Double Clutch
Number of gears 5 6 7


  Expression 84kW Dynamique 97kW Dynamique 97kW EDC
ABS + EBA + EBD + ESC Standard Standard Standard


  Expression 84kW Dynamique 97kW Dynamique 97kW EDC
Type Variable power-assisted steering Variable power-assisted steering Variable power-assisted steering
0 Turning circle between kerbs (m) 11.2 11.2 11.2

Wheels & Tyres

  Expression 84kW Dynamique 97kW Dynamique 97kW EDC
Wheel and tyre size 16": 205 / 55R16 16”: 205 / 55R16 16”: 205 / 55R16


  Expression 84kW Dynamique 97kW Dynamique 97kW EDC
Top speed (km/h) 191 197 199
Wheel and tyre size 12.2 10.6 10.3
0-1000m sprint (s) 32.2 31.6 32.1

Consumption & Emissions**

  Expression 84kW Dynamique 97kW Dynamique 97kW EDC
Urban cycle (L/100 km) 8.7 6.8 6.8
Extra urban cycle (L/100 km) 5.1 4.5 4.7
Combined cycle (L/100 km) 6.4 5.3 5.4
Emissions CO² mixed cycle (g/km) 144 119 122
Fuel tank capacity (L) 47 47 47

Weight (KG)

  Expression 84kW Dynamique 97kW Dynamique 97kW EDC
Tare weight (excluding driver) 1,155 1,212 1,223
Gross vehicle mass (GVM) 1,834 1,806 1,823
Gross combined mass (GCM) 3,134 3,106 3,123
Max. braked trailer (within the GVM limit) 1,300 1,300 1,300

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